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Corporate Profile

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Koppers is an integrated global producer of carbon compounds, chemicals, and treated wood products for the aluminum, railroad, specialty chemical, utility, rubber, steel, residential lumber, and agriculture industries. We serve our customers through a comprehensive global manufacturing and distribution network with facilities located in North America, South America, Australasia, China, and Europe.

Koppers operates three principal businesses, Performance Chemicals, Railroad and Utility Products and Services, and Carbon Materials and Chemicals.

Performance Chemicals-We are the largest global supplier of wood preservation chemicals to the residential wood treating industry. We manufacture preservatives used to treat lumber for decking, fencing, playgrounds, utility poles, and other applications.

Railroad and Utility Products and Services-We are the largest supplier of railroad crossties in North America to the Class I and short-line railroads. Our other products and services include utility poles, rail joint bars, and railroad bridge services.

Carbon Materials and Chemicals-We are the largest global distiller of coal tar, a by-product of the transformation of coal into coke, in North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia. Koppers distills coal tar into a variety of products, including carbon pitch, creosote, naphthalene and phthalic anhydride, which are critical intermediate materials in the production of aluminum, the pressure treatment of wood, the manufacture of high-strength concrete, and the production of plasticizers and specialty chemicals.