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KOPPERS HOLDINGS INC. filed this Form DEF 14A on 04/04/2017
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Perquisites and Other Benefits. We provide a limited number of perquisites and other benefits to certain of our NEOs, which include club dues, parking and executive physicals. Additional details of the perquisites and other benefits we provide are more fully described in the footnotes to the “All Other Compensation” column of the Summary Compensation Table below.

We provide these perquisites and other benefits to promote a healthy work/life balance and provide opportunities for developing business relationships. We believe they are important to our ability to attract and retain top-quality executive talent and are consistent with those provided to executives at other companies comparable to us. The costs associated with providing these benefits for our NEOs are reflected in the “All Other Compensation” column of the Summary Compensation Table below on page 29.

Our NEOs also participate in the same standard salaried benefit plans as our other U.S. salaried employees. This includes a basic welfare benefits package consisting of medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance and accident insurance plans, as well as flexible spending arrangements for health care, dependent care and transportation expenses.

Mr. Lacy is also eligible for a post-retirement survivor benefit under our Survivor Benefit Plan. This plan is described in further detail in the “Survivor Benefit Plan” section on page 36 below.

Changes for our 2017 Executive Compensation Program

In order to more closely align base salaries to market, based on market data provided by Meridian Compensation Partners, LLC, the committee approved increases in base salary ranging from 3.3% to 12% effective April 1, 2017 for all of our NEOs. The committee approved a 12% salary increase for Mr. Ball in light of the company’s exceptionally strong performance in 2016 and in order to ensure that his base salary was competitive as compared to peer practice.

Compensation Policies and Practices

Compensation and Risk. The committee believes that the company’s compensation policies and practices do not create risks that are reasonably likely to have a material adverse effect on the

company. The committee has designed a total compensation package with features that it believes will mitigate the risks associated with compensation policies and practices including:



Our compensation programs provide a reasonable balance between annual and long-term performance, with a significant portion of compensation being delivered in the form of long-term incentives;



Annual cash incentives are determined based on the company’s performance;



The committee has the ability to modify annual cash incentives earned to reflect the quality of the company’s financial performance, individual performance and other factors that should influence compensation;



The long-term incentive program focuses participants on longer-term operating performance, as well as stock price appreciation; and



Executives are subject to stock ownership requirements that encourage a long-term perspective and ensure that the interests of executive officers are closely aligned with shareholders.

Role of Consultants. In accordance with its authority to retain advisors, in early 2016, the committee engaged Meridian Compensation Partners, LLC (“Meridian”) as outside consultants to advise the committee with respect to 2016 compensation design decisions.

Meridian does not advise our management, or receive any other compensation from us. In its role as independent advisor to the committee, Meridian provided advice to the committee from time to time on various executive compensation matters including conducting an annual competitive compensation analysis, which Meridian prepared for the committee in early 2016.

In compliance with the SEC and the NYSE disclosure requirements regarding the independence of compensation consultants, Meridian provided the committee with a completed questionnaire addressing each of the six independence factors enumerated in the SEC requirements. Their responses affirm the independence of Meridian and the partners, consultants, and employees who service the committee on executive compensation matters and governance issues.



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