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KOPPERS HOLDINGS INC. filed this Form DEF 14A on 04/04/2017
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  Nominating and Corporate   Governance Committee   

Members: T. Michael Young (Chair), Sharon Feng, Louis L. Testoni, Stephen R. Tritch

  All Members Independent


  4 meetings in 2016

   Recommendations for Director Candidates. The nominating and corporate governance committee’s goals and responsibilities include identifying and recommending individuals qualified to serve as members of the board of directors consistent with criteria approved by the board of directors. The committee identifies candidates for the board of directors by soliciting recommendations from committee members and incumbent directors and considering recommendations from employees and shareholders. The committee also has sole authority to retain and terminate search firms, which will report directly to the committee, to assist in identifying director candidates. The nominating and corporate governance committee charter provides that the committee will ensure that the nominees for membership on the board of directors are of a high caliber and are able to provide insightful, intelligent and effective guidance to our management.


Oversight and Evaluation of the Board and Management. The committee is responsible for the oversight of the evaluation of the board of directors and corporate management. In doing so, the nominating and corporate governance committee evaluates, and reports to the board of directors, the performance and effectiveness of the board of directors as a whole and each committee of the board as a whole (including an evaluation of itself and the effectiveness of the management development and compensation committee in its process of establishing goals and objectives for, and evaluating the performance of, our chief executive officer and our other officers).



Corporate Governance Matters. The committee is committed to ensuring that our corporate governance is in full compliance with the law, reflects generally accepted principles of good corporate governance, encourages flexible and dynamic management without undue burdens and effectively manages the risks of our business and our operations. To accomplish this, the committee developed and recommended to the board of directors a set of corporate governance guidelines. The committee must review and, if appropriate, recommend to the board appropriate changes to the corporate governance guidelines at least once every year and the articles of incorporation, bylaws, the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the Code of Ethics Applicable to Senior Officers at least once every two years. The committee is charged with investigating and advising the board with respect to any violations of the Code of Ethics Applicable to Senior Officers and, to the extent involving directors or officers, the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, including conflicts of interest between directors or officers and us, and including a review of the outside activities of directors and officers. It is the obligation of each director and officer to bring to the attention of the nominating and corporate governance committee any actual, apparent or possible conflict of interest.


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